Lock Down Your Aerial
2017 was the 50th anniversary of BBC Radio’s expansion to multiple broadcasting channels - a change led by the Government in an attempt to compete with the popularity of illegal broadcasting, better known as ‘pirate radio’.
‘Lock Down Your Aerial’ tells the story of the pirates and the impact they had, becoming a platform for under-represented music and communities and ultimately shaping British music to become the diverse platform it is today.
 The narrative focuses on the influence of pirate radio before and beyond the BBC’s expansion – from broadcasting rock music on ships and abandoned sea forts in the 60’s to championing black music from London's rooftops during Thatcher’s Britain in the 80’s, celebrating the pirates as the real pioneers of UK radio.

Low-cost production and a cut-and-paste collage approach references the DIY attitude of the pirates and their ability to broadcast using found equipment; a stark contrast to the middle of the book which reflects the BBC’s restructure in 1967 through a more conservative approach, highlighting the great differences between the two.