Art Not Vandalism
Glasgow’s street art community is fast-growing but the city fails to cater for them, with a lack of legal graffiti walls for artists. To eradicate vandalism, authorities have taken a close-minded approach to graffiti, instead being quick to label it as vandalism and creating a blurred line between the two.  
‘Art Not Vandalism’ is an awareness campaign that aims to separate graffiti from vandalism. Through workshops, talks and an online platform, the public can try graffiti and understand the art form, learn about the issue and sign a petition for more legal graffiti walls. Doing so allows their graffiti from the workshop to be part of the campaign’s identity, resulting in a growing visual petition.
The campaign's wordmark shifts in position, a reference to the positioning of bricks within a brick wall when stacked upon one another, a subtle reflection of the end goal of the campaign. This extends to the online platform, creating a core brand identity for the campaign that allows the graffiti art to be as varied and expressive as it wishes.
The website acts as an online version of the workshops - digital graffiti tools allows the user to make a poster and sign a petition on-screen. They can also read blogs on the issue and view a gallery of all of the paired artworks and signatures that have supported the campaign so far.
Designated graffiti spaces bring artists together in to one environment; working next to one another, sharing ideas and a sense of community, often resulting in a large collage of graffiti. To reflect this, all those who have registered and signed the petition can invite one another to collaborate through Dropbox Paper and make larger scale artworks that would be placed around Glasgow as a guerilla part of the campaign, ultimatetly creating more awareness.